F/stops explained with an exercise or two

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  • Using the Exposure Compensation Control
  • Using Manual Controls / It would be helpful to do the Exercises  on using  f/stop and shutter speeds FIRST.

Using Exposure Compensation to get a correct exposure

This tool will adjust the overall exposure internally. like using a ISO 400 film at ISO 320 to gain 1/3 stop more exposure. Exposure Compensation works in a similar way in digital cameras..

Since Adjusting the ISO on a Digital Camera won’t do this. There has to be another way to adjust the Exposure to give exposure that is purposely set to over or under expose.

The Exposure Compensation tool does this by changing the signal to the sensor to be higher or lower than the default factory setting.

The easiest way to find out if you need to use Exposure Compensation is to see if your histogram is always under exposing a little to the left.

See Image below for a quick illustration

if your histogram looks like the above, and ends just short of the right hand Light Highlight boundary, You will need to set your Exposure Compensation on the PLUS (+) side…

Try + 0.3, or + 0.7, and see which one brings the graph close to the boundary without crossing it. This a very normal adjustment in most DSLRs and Point & Shoots.

The Maker wants to make sure the camera does not “BURN” out the Highlights. So, don’t think your camera is defective.