Excerise in Composition

Lesson one: Balance the Background Geometry with your Subject:

First off, composition is also a part of framing, so, they go hand in hand. To me, and many photographers, one of the big keys is the “Geometry” in the photograph. That is: How the different elements fit the framing, and flow with the main subject. For instance, the background can work or not work for the foreground (your subject most likely). Is it distracting, that is, causing the viewer to look at the background more than the main subject? Is it a good background, but, the camera angle is wrong, and you know you should move around your subject to move the background around so the geometry is better?

lady in front of church

Try to balance the subject placement with the background geometry, by moving to the left or right of your subject, and place them where the background is not interfering with the subject.