Composition: 101


In Photography as in Art, Composition, and Balance are a part of the overall image components.

There is a guide line that is taught in all art or photography classes.

The guide is a compositional component to help us place important elements of the image in places that give an image a pleasing balance and draw your attention to the main component.

Here is a diagram of the “Rule of Thirds”  The places where the lines intersect is where you want to place a “Center of Interest” point.

For Street Photography, this “Guide Line” can be very helpful in composing candid photos. It can add balance and help direct your eye to the subject(s) and help keep the theme (or) feeling) of the photograph.

Rule of Thirds

Some examples of this guide in real time usage

Notice how the main branches are placed using the right vertical upright as a guide. And how the branches that overlap are near the 2 intersecting point on the right.

See how the workers are at an intersection of two lines in the above diagram. But, the surrounding area is too busy and distracting, so, this is not a successful street photography photo.

The subject is close to the 1/3 area on the right side.

The two people are at the intersection on the upper right of the guide.

Here is a simpler framing, and the people are placed somewhat near the intersection points. This makes a good Street Photograph, with the main subjects giving you the theme of the photo.